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Magnetic anti-limestone magnet Lo power 5200 gauss

Recommended for a small cold water pipe
Protects against scale and provides more pleasant water:

  • Soaps lather better, shampoos give better results
  • Hair is lighter and shinier.
  • Easy to attach and plastic collars provided.

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How does it work and is it hard to install?
Fonctionnement anti tartre magnétique

This model is supplied in 2 pairs of neodymium rare earth magnets, both of which will be necessary to act on your water pipe. Attention these small models are suitable for the treatment of a device only and rather on cold water (1 tap, 1 handwasher...) The 2 half shells come to be placed around the pipe and are held by means of the plastic clamps provided. The magnetization is strong enough that they already hold in place without them.
When the water passes successively through the two strong magnetic fields of the device, the limestone that forms in the water will transform into aragonite. This form of limestone crystallization causes it to lose its "catchy" power.
It will take almost 2 days before the effect fades, which is more than enough for the water you use.

Except when you go on holiday and no longer use water during this period, this is more than enough for everyday use
Eau détartrée

What does hard water and soft water mean?

Rainwater, by crossing the different strata of our soils, will take care of all the materials it encounters. As it progresses, it will be enriched with minerals such as calcium and magnesium, which are the main components of limestone in our homes.
The more these minerals the water is charged with, the harder it will be. To remove them or reduce their quantity, it will be necessary to acidify them to make them "softer" or use them as they are, which is preferable.
Be careful drinking water that is too acidic is bad for your health and it is forbidden to lower the PH of the water too much.

If we do not want to degrade the quality of the water and use chemicals, the alternative of magnetic anti-tartar is to be considered.

Magnetic anti-limescale magnet powermag Lo Power 5200 gauss sp2

What are the beneficial effects of our magnetic anti-limestone magnet Lo Power 5200 gauss ?

After several weeks of use, the limescale on your household appliances, water heaters and others will start to disappear. You will consume less energy, improve the longevity of your household appliances. You will have fewer leaks and the spray of your taps will be like when they were new. The SP2 model can be used on a single pipe but for complete efficiency on your water network it will be a perfect complement for a 10800 and 12800 gauss model if necessary.

    • Less limescale in the hot water tank (for more powerful models)
    • Softer skin after your shower, less dryness and less itching.
    • More beautiful and silky hair
    • Increased dishwasher efficiency
    • Less detergent for laundry, dishes or bath
    • Faucets, shower cubicles, mirrors and other parts in contact with water are easier to clean

Effets positifs anti calcaire

Characteristics of Lo Power: a water conditioner that inhibits scale, less polluting than a salt water softener

◆ Easy to install on the piping.

◆ Lo Power contains powerful rare earth permanent magnets, operates without current and all the time

◆ The effects of limestone eradicated by an environmentally friendly system.

◆ Easy and maintenance-free disassembly

◆ Within everyone's financial reach, and reusable when changing homes

Remember to complete your installation with a water purifier so that it is healthy and better than bottled water!

  • Dimensions 37 x 28 x 30 mm
  • For hoses Outer diameter: from 8 to 12 mm
  • Use the 2 pairs of the box for 1 pipe and 1 cold water point.
  • For a mixed hot and cold water point, treat both pipes and add a 6200 gauss model on the hot water.

Please note that in the case of very hard water the model 6200 will be more efficient.

Do not lay on pipes that contain iron.
There is no need to force the magnets to oppose each other.

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rating 10
Delivery time very correct, and by Colissimo
For the performance of the product, it is necessary to see over several weeks, even several months according to the TH of the water. Having already installed a similar device (but with a much higher magnetic capacity) on the sanitary water inlet, I can certify that magnets work! (at least with large magnetic capacities). The latest receipts (5200 and 6200 Gauss) are installed upstream of the cumulus (!) and at the hot water inlet in the bathroom. To be continued in a few months.
rating 8
print the number of gausses on each limescale remover. How do you identify them when they are mixed?
rating 10
Very good
Very good
rating 10
it works
Congratulations to these magnets, no more limescale at home
rating 10
received very quickly, it is necessary to wait a little to judge the effectiveness
rating 9
Usage local
Installed on a synthetic pipe with a 12800 gauss magnet upstream. It protects a new washing machine. I already had scale build-up that was interfering with the water injectors in the soap tray... That's been rectified. The nozzles project straight ahead. Installed in 1 minute.
rating 10
5200 gauss
I knew the principle but received it a short time ago; it is still difficult to judge the effectiveness of the article, but why not.
rating 10
rating 10
A very positive experience
The contact person is very professional, pleasant, understanding, good advice and very available.

On the other hand, the product I had chosen was not quite right for my type of house, so I was able to return it without any problem. All in all, a very positive experience. After testing the new product I just ordered, I will leave a review. I'm very pleased with the quality of the products offered on this site. I highly recommend it.
rating 8
rating 10
rating 9
Compliant product
Clear for the moment
rating 10
to be seen in use...
product put into service
rating 9
Very easy to assemble, surprised by their small size, not enough experience to swear by their effectiveness.
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