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Which magnetic anti-limestone agent to choose?

Which magnetic anti-limestone agent to choose? 

Before water arrives in our taps
, rain is the main source of water we will use. Its formation results from the condensation of moisture in the air, which contains particles and gases.

They come from the natural environment, industrial activity, the combustion of fossil products rich in sulphur (road transport, cars...). Even without pollution, because of its content of CO2 carbon dioxide CO2 still present in the atmosphere, rain would naturally be acidic.

These gases circulate in the atmosphere, dissolve in water vapour and are transformed into acids (especially sulphuric and nitric acid) when in contact with water:

- The nitrogen oxide will form nitrous acid HNO2 and nitric acid HNO3.
- Sulphur dioxide produces sulphurous acid H2SO3 which oxidises in the air to sulphuric acid H2SO4.

Thus, rain naturally acquires a slightly acidic character and cannot be used in its raw state. It is by infiltrating for years that it will purify itself by crossing the natural elements of our soils and oxygenate itself through the mixing it will undergo.

It is also in this course that the rainwater will be loaded with minerals such as calcium and magnesium which will later transform into tartar also called limestone, our public enemy n°1 of the house!!!!

scaled resistor

How are limestone and tartar annoying?

This material is all simply encrusted and will cause us all the following problems:

- skin irritation with itching on the body and scalp
- difficult to remove traces on taps, sinks, showers, washbasins...
- use of expensive and environmentally
harmful detergents and chemicals - malfunction in household appliances of resistors and formation of plates
- unnecessary expenditure on electricity because of overconsumption of resistors
- repair and replacement of more scrubbing household appliances
- malfunction of water-saving nozzles on mixers
- poor water savings due to leaks
- more extensive use of detergents, soap and shampoo... (limestone reduces its efficiency)
- expenses related to the purchase of household and other products...

These are the main reasons why we want to get rid of them.

The only reason to keep it for the supply of minerals necessary for our body is not justified. Indeed, the bioavailability of minerals in water is low (contrary to what mineral water sellers tell us...) and this contribution will mainly be made through a balanced conventional diet

anti-limescale operation
Operation of a magnetic scale remover

This so-called "permanent magnet" process generates a constant magnetic field:

- They are to be distinguished from electromagnetic processes that produce a variable magnetic field, catalytic processes or systems that produce turbulent regimes.
- These processes will act on calcium carbonate and facilitate its crystallization in a non-incrusting form called aragonite, so they will prevent scale formation

anti-limescale magnet

These magnetic anti-limestone devices are placed directly on the pipe for the simplest ones (others require adaptation on the pipe) and will allow the water to pass through a powerful magnetic field that will modify the way calcium and magnesium combine in the water.

It is advisable:

- to install mechanical filters (sediment filters) upstream of these devices, example double water filter
- or to complete the installation with a device that eliminates iron and oxides (magnetic trap) to prevent clogging.

anticalcaire magnétique plus et moins

Magnetic anti-limestone plus and minus:


- it operates without the addition of chemicals
- it requires no maintenance
- it does not increase water consumption

The disadvantage

- is the lack of information or the misinformation made about this product by those who do not sell it!!!!!!

Like the other devices in this family, efficiency depends on the quality of the installation. It should not be placed on steel or magnetizable pipes and kept away from other electromagnetic fields.
Its action against limescale will also depend on the power and size of the magnets used (measured in GAUSS or TESLA). Many magnets on the market are only effective for treating one tap only and there are also many opinions on "do-it-yourself" systems with recovery magnets whose effectiveness is uncertain!!!!!

Which anti-limescale filter

It is essential to know:

The gauss number has no relation to the size and final strength of a magnet.

A large magnet of 6200 gauss will be more powerful than a small one of 10800 gauss!
The gauss number is only an indicator of the quality of the magnetic field.

The larger models Mi power 10800 and Max power 12800 GAUSS are strongly recommended for optimum results in a complete installation.
The smaller 6200 and 5200 gauss models are recommended as a complement, although good results can be obtained when used in pairs on each water point.

Curative and non-curative anti-limescale products

Be careful, because the effect of magnetic fields on the formation of limescale crystals in water only lasts 48 to 72 hours.
It is therefore primarily a preventive system, and will not act on limescale that has already formed.
As a result, during holidays or prolonged absences, a very fine layer of limescale crystals will form again. It will then need to be cleaned as usual.

For even greater effectiveness than magnetic limescale remover, you can consult the other curative technologies we offer.

To improve the quality of your drinking water, add a water purifier and you won't have to buy any more bottles - a good move for the environment.

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