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Les avis positifs et négatifs

The purpose of reviews is to provide an informed and objective opinion to an inquiring visitor
of experience with our services or the products we offer.

Thanks to you!

The statistics of "customer reviews" mention that the collection rate varies between 7 and 15% only!

Only the most sceptical and critical people tend to share their experience, so reviews are often harsh.
More than 85% of people satisfied with their experience will not share their opinion!

Unpublished reviews

It can happen that a customer has misunderstood how one of our products works or has chosen the wrong one.
Sometimes there are delays in deliveries or some impatient customers forget that many carriers do not work on weekends...

We understand that some situations may disappoint customers.
If this happens, please contact us.
We will surely find an explanation or a solution,
while remaining courteous and respectful.

Will not be published:

  • Reviews that could denigrate the effectiveness of a product or our services without our after-sales service having been consulted.
  • Reviews that are incomprehensible to the reader.
  • Hateful, malicious or insulting comments.

Example of non-validated reviews:

- A negative review from a dissatisfied customer for a product that does not work.
The customer does not want to send the product back to us even though the manufacturer asks to check it to trigger the warranty.

- negative feedback from a customer because we refuse to take back the product they bought from us.
The product has been used for more than 3 weeks; we cannot take back a product without packaging that has been used and resell it!

- Negative feedback from a customer for an anti-limescale product that was not effective.
The customer had been using the product for 1 week and thought that the anti-limescale would dissolve the limescale and make his pipes look like new in such a short time...

Shop reviews

These reviews are important for customers who want to order and be reassured by your own experiences.

It will allow them to know if the packages are well packed, if the delivery times are correct, if they have been able to get correct answers to their questions before deciding to buy...

It is also a valuable opinion, which can be shared when dealing with the after-sales service, getting good advice or being reassured about certain problem resolutions when encountered.

Product reviews

The experience of each person and the sharing of results obtained with a product will be important for the choice of our future customers.

This is also why it is important that a review is given when a product has been well installed, that it corresponds to the expectations of what it was purchased for, that there is no confusion about its operation and the results that can be obtained.

We thank you for your understanding and wish you a pleasant visit to our online shop.

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