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Which salt-free water softener to choose?

Which salt-free water softener to choose? 

is a self-generating electrostatic water treatment device. A slight static electricity by frictional electrification between the water and the inner tube is generated by electrodes, an electrostatic field is created outside them, and then the energy field is reflected back into the tube where the water flow passes.

The generation of this electrostatic field barrier as the water passes through will energise the water and alter the ionic bonds of its components. The minerals will tend to remain suspended in the water and no longer form encrusting crystals as is usually the case.

SUPRION has been granted patents in the USA, Europe and Asian countries as well as in Japan. This device can achieve equal or better performance than conventional chemical treatment. Fewer chemicals used in its manufacture and operation result in fewer chemicals and emissions. This makes SUPRION an environmentally friendly water treatment device.

There is no direct contact between the water and the electrode in the construction; therefore, it can be used stably without any decrease in performance over time.

Principe de fonctionnement Suprion

1. Ground terminal
2. Primary electrostatic strip
3. Converging secondary electrostatic curtain
4. FRP tubing to generate static electricity
5. Pair of electrodes
6. Housing

This water will become active and will be curative, it will provoke by erosion a dissolution of the limestone which could have already formed.
This technology has the advantage of being effective whatever the TH of the water (which it will not modify). It will still be effective at high temperatures up to 100°!

Adoucisseur d'eau écologique

What are the advantages of this type of water softener?

We are now proposing the electrostatic system, whereas previously we proposed an almost similar system; the galvanic system.
We have chosen to favour the process distribution because it has the advantage of not wearing out (no zinc anode) and of not releasing any element into the water.

In addition to the fact that it does not chemically change the quality of the water, it does not need electricity or consumables to operate.
It is simply thanks to the energy recovered by the pressure and speed of the water flow that the device will be able to generate a powerful electrostatic field which will act on the ionic bonds of the water.

It is clearly an ecological and sustainable system.

Maintenance of a salt-free water softener

Maintenance to be planned

That's the whole point of this system, there is none!
The brand slogan "Fit and Forget!"

Which model of salt-free water softener should I choose?

Which model to choose?

For domestic use in flats or houses, the Suprion JS 12e15 and JS 75e22 models are the most commonly used.

The design and size of the different models are adapted to treat a specific maximum water flow. Using a model that is too small will result in a drop in water pressure or flow rate, while using an oversized model will have no impact on efficiency but will result in unnecessary extra costs.

If you are unsure about which model to use, you can check the diameter of your water pipe in our blog.

Plumbers often use the same pipe diameter for convenience, regardless of the actual flow requirement. It is therefore a good idea to check this diameter if your pipe exceeds 25 mm in diameter using our method: calculation of water pipe diameter.

Installation of a salt-free water softener

Is the installation complex?

Today, plumbing has become a bit of a Lego. You no longer need to know how to solder to be able to assemble elbows, fittings or pipes. You can easily find in DIY shops everything you need to create a bypass in your installation and adapt a filter with an anti-lime scale.

There are many tutorials on YouTube that allow you to become familiar with and install this type of material yourself.

Some people prefer to use copper with automatic fittings and others prefer to use more modern composite materials such as polyethylene.

Before turning off the main supply, the filter and anti-limescale device can be fitted and connected at the last moment.
The use of hoses can also make the installation much easier.

If you are not at all handy, it will usually take a plumber one or two hours to install this equipment.
Depending on the complexity of the installation, additional fittings and hoses may also be required.

Softening water without salt

How can you soften the water if you don't lower the Th ?

Indeed, it is not only by lowering the TH of the water that the negative effects of limescale can be neutralised. While a salt water softener softens the water physically, salt-free anti-limescale products will bring softness to the water by modifying the encrusting mineral crystallisations without removing the calcium and magnesium ions.

The softness effect on the skin or clothes will be felt even though there will still be the benefit of preserving the minerals in the water for health.

Innovative technology on the rise

Made in Japan, this advanced water treatment technology is no exception to the rule in the land of the rising sun where know-how in new technologies is already well represented!

Major brands, administrations and private individuals in Japan and abroad already trust the efficiency of Suprion technology.

Examples include Toyota, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Tokyo University, Ashiya Municipal Hospital, etc.

Invention of the electrostatic salt-free water softener

Mr. J. K. Ibbott (1921~2004) was an Australian born scientist. After graduating from Hobert University in Australia, he learned electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and made a large number of inventions including a piezoelectric method of crystal production. From 1980 onwards, he became interested in the field of water and set about developing a more environmentally friendly water treatment device. After constant efforts and thousands of tests, in 1995 he finally developed the SUPRION water treatment device which uses static electricity.

Anti-calc filter

Is it necessary to install an additional filter?

Yes, even if it is not mandatory, the results will be better. The use of filters or pre-filters allows the removal of the coarsest impurities and other dissolved products such as heavy metals, pharmaceutical residues, pesticides, micro plastics...

You will have the advantage of water from which a part of the harmful products for the body other than limestone will also have been partly removed.
In the same way, if you want to drink water of superior quality, the use of a water purifier is recommended.

You can opt for a cartridge filter that will need to be changed every year or opt for a backwashable system in which the maintenance will be limited to a simple evacuation of the retained deposits towards the waste water drain.

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