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Ecological anti-limestone Suprion JS-12e15

Ecological limescale remover suitable for homes with up to 2 bathrooms

Effective up to 1.8 m³/hour
Non-galvanic electrostatic process SUPRION "fit and forget"

A major evolution in water treatment.
It will prevent the formation of scale through its electrostatic amplification process.

This product is WRAS certified, recommended and guaranteed by The British Gas (historical gas supplier in England.)

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A patented anti-limestone system

Non-galvanic electrostatic process SUPRION JS-12e15

It is a 3 in 1 device, its unique process helps to fight against limescale, it will descale and prevent corrosion of water pipes on the installation.

  1. It is compact and easy to install
  2. It does not need salt to operate or other chemicals
  3. It does not consume energy
  4. It does not release polluted water into the environment
  5. There is no electrical connection to be provided
  6. It no longer needs a zinc anode
  7. No minimum or maximum water hardness required (TH°)
  8. It can even withstand temperatures up to 100°C
  9. "fit and forget": we pose and forget

It will prevent the proliferation of bacteria in the water network, it will also improve skin problems and also increase the life span of your household appliances.

Efficiency guaranteed by the national energy distributor in England: the British Gas

In the absence of empirical evidence or definitive conclusions published by recognized independent bodies, British Gas a invested over two million pounds in its own comparative product evaluations ten years ago and then adopted the SUPRION with more than 70,000 installations on water heaters

approuvé wras

How does it work?

Limestone is composed of calcium and magnesium (essential minerals for health) which it is imperative not to eliminate drinking water (disadvantage of the traditional salt softener)

An exceptional tartar inhibitor like no other

While the SUPRION can look like a small, simple and discreet device, there are a multitude of complex molecular processes that occur inside. The SUPRION subjects your water supply to a wave of self-generated electrostatic energy. This ionizes water molecules, inhibiting the accumulation of scale, mud and rust

Water softener SUPRION IN CUT

Why do you no longer need a Zinc anode?

In the galvanic ecological ecological anti-limestone it is the electrolysis which made it possible to release the zinc molecules (zinc ions) and to capture the calcium and magnesium molecules.

Unlike a galvanic system, with this latest generation system, there is no zinc anode to be consumed. There will be no metal molecules released into the water. It is the electrostatic field that will allow calcium and magnesium to bind to aragonite. The lifetime is at least 10 years and the manufacturer's warranty is 5 years.

These are the molecules that make up the layer of scale or limestone embedded in the pipes, water heaters, washing machines, dishwashers, resistance, etc.....

The curative effect is highly effective and fast. It also maintains a protective layer against corrosion and will prevent damage to equipment and pipes.

As with all anti-limestone or water softener systems, it is strongly recommended to place a sediment filter at least upstream to avoid the passage of sand or other particles that could affect the efficiency of the process.

sacale buster vertical ou horizontal

Other recommended filters

Filtre pour l'eau


Full documentation in English with product dimensions

Download (4.39M)

This document will inform you about the performance of the product and the correct installation procedures.

Download (855.67k)
Features and installation tips

Features and dimensions.

This model is intended for domestic use for the treatment of a "maximum water flow rate of less than 1.8 m3/h".
This flow rate corresponds to a pipe with an internal diameter less than or equal to 18 mm.
This generally corresponds to a dwelling with less than 2 bathrooms.

If your main pipe is larger, check the actual maximum flow rate of your home: Calculation method diameter and flow rate

Dimensions and weight with compression fittings supplied:

  • Length: 132 mm
  • Width: 28 mm
  • Weight: 247 grams

Dimensions and weight of the device for a 15/21 (1/2" inch) connection:

  • Length: 115 millimetres
  • Width: 28 mm
  • Weight: 199 grams.

Classic assembly

The Suprion JS12-E15 is designed to be mounted directly onto 15mm pipes.

It is equipped with an olive compression fitting at each end.
The 15mm diameter is universal but not widely used in France.

If you have difficulties with this diameter, please follow the other assembly.

Montage Suprion 1

Installation with 15/21 connection

It is easier to use a 15/21 female connection. (1/2 inch)

Many fittings are available and will allow you to adapt to the dimensions of your pipes, 10,12,14,16...

Suprion mounting in 15/21

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rating 10
Really works
Quite dubious about this kind of product, I finally made my choice and bought a suprion. I waited 3 months before posting this review. Well I must say that the difference is clear and that the product works very well. It is obvious in the stainless steel dog bowl. No more scale on the faucets. The shower is much easier to clean. The kettle ends up making a little scale, but that makes a difference too. I still have to drain the water heater to evacuate the old accumulated scale and everything will be fine. In the end, we can say that the efficiency/price ratio is very interesting.
rating 10
Easy to install.
too recent use but I have full confidence
rating 10
Easy to assemble
the product is easy to install only 2 reduction 3/4 - 1/2 had to be bought separately to make the connection on galvanized tubes.
rating 10
Pretty good
The installation went well. The promise of no or very little white scale build up is pretty much kept. I'm only at the beginning of the use so I'll see later.
rating 10
This system is not yet installed, it will take another month or two.
rating 9
A good product
After more than a month of installation, very satisfied with the product, water softer.
rating 5
Still limescale at the bottom of the kettle even with a filter upstream and downstream of the appliance ???

Attention a ne pas confondre un anti calcaire avec un déminéralisateur d'eau.

Les traces de minéraux qui apparaissent dans votre bouilloire ne peuvent pas être supprimées. Grâce à l'anti calcaire, elles ne formeront simplement plus de plaques et seront plus facile à nettoyer. Pour une eau sans résidus de minéraux, il vous faut un système qui enlève les minéraux, comme un osmoseur ou un filtre déminéralisant.

rating 9
Good product
Limescale is deposited much less, and no longer clings, especially in the kettle. A sponge stroke is enough to clean it.
rating 10
Water softener
I recommend this product (JS75e22), having noticed the difference in the quality of the water we have "very hard" Thank you!
rating 10
Very good
Excellent product, easy to install, discreet and above all very effective. We saw the difference in the whole apartment in a few days. The water has become transparent and no more limescale deposits on the shower faucet... Excellent product.
rating 10
A French manual would be welcome. The connection is made in copper diameter 15, not found in the current shops, I found it in Germany.

Merci pour votre commentaire. La notice sera bientôt traduite. Le montage avec des raccords 15x21 femelle est aussi facile à réaliser. (voir onglet "montage produit")

rating 10
Very efficient very satisfied
very good product and very good customer service Bravo
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No option

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Double water filter

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  • improves taste
  • improves odour
  • better water quality
  • optimises the functioning of anti-limescale devices
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