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5 micron sediment cartridge 10 inches

Efficient deposit filtration.

  • retains rust, sand and silt
  • degraded structure technology - extended service life
  • deep filtration effectively traps contaminants 
  • Technology that increases the effective filtration area
  • cartridge replacement indicator

For 10-inch filter holders.

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Filtration of impurities

This filtration cartridge will enable you to filter out sediments, sludge, pieces of limestone, micro-plastics, etc.
These impurities in your main water supply pipe generally come from the water distribution network.
In the pipes that carry the water, there are sometimes leaks and repairs that are a source of water contamination.
This can lead to deposits of various materials that will eventually break off and circulate to your home.

This type of filter is also needed to recover spring water from a borehole or rainwater.

Filtration quality

BPA (bisphenol) free foam cartridge

Made from the highest quality polypropylene that meets stringent FDA standards.

  • retains solid impurities such as rust, sand, silt, etc.
  • extended cartridge life thanks to gradient structure
  • effectively retains contaminants thanks to deep filtration
  • a technology that increases the effective filtration area
  • wear indicator indicating the need to replace the cartridge

A modern one-step technological process has enabled the production of a product with a degraded structure.

The packing density of the fibres inside the cartridge increases, reducing micrometry and increasing filtration efficiency.

Characteristics of the 5-micron sediment cartridge

Provides a flow rate of 25 litres per minute
Lasts up to 12 months (manufacturer's recommendation 6 months)
Fits 10" filter holders.

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rating 10
Livraison rapide et conforme aux attentes

Livraison rapide et conforme aux attentes

rating 10
5-micron sediment filter installed before the washing machine, to be changed every six months.
rating 10
Nothing to add
rating 10
Very good
Very good
rating 10
Very good
Very good
rating 10
great result
rating 10
Very good
Very good
rating 10
Seems to be effective
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rating 10
sediment cartridge
Good product - satisfied
rating 10
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Cartouches de filtration

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iron removal cartridge IR 10"

iron removal cartridge IR 10"

17,40 €

Specifically designed to remove iron, manganese and hydrogen sulphide

  • removes rotten egg smell
  • removes brown discolouration from water
  • prevents the formation of rust stains
  • removes iron and manganese compounds from water
  • 5 μm pre-filtration eliminates mechanical impurities
Activated carbon cartridge - GAC

Activated carbon cartridge - GAC

14,70 €

Coconut granule activated carbon

High-efficiency cartridge.
Fits a 10-inch filter holder.

  • improves the smell and taste of water
  • eliminates chlorine and pollutants
  • more effective at adsorbing VOCs
  • ideal as a complement to a block carbon cartridge
  • pre-filtration of sediment to 5 microns
10 inch activated carbon cartridge 10 µm

10 inch activated carbon cartridge 10 µm

9,89 €

Replacement cartridge for activated carbon filtration 10 µm.

For 10 inch filter doors.

Silver activated carbon cartridge - KDF GAC NS

Silver activated carbon cartridge - KDF GAC NS

17,40 €

Bacteriostatic activated carbon


  • activated carbon from coconut shells (NSF certified).
  • Silver impregnated - inhibits bacterial growth. (KDF)
  • removes unwanted impurities from water
  • improves taste and smell
Pleated washable cartridge - 5 microns

Pleated washable cartridge - 5 microns

8,70 €

Washable, longer-lasting cartridges!

  • eliminates sediments such as sand, silt and rust
  • reusable (up to 6 times after washing)
  • BPA (bisphenol) free
  • higher flow rate (25 litres/minute)

For standard 10" inch filter holder.

Mixed cartridge - activated carbon - sediment

Mixed cartridge - activated carbon - sediment

12,90 €

Unique filtration cartridge for the whole house!

Ideal for use with a 1-tank water filter
and those who are short of space.

compact 2-in-1 cartridge:

  • removes sediment down to 5 microns (sand, silt, rust, etc.)
  • eliminates unpleasant odours from water
  • eliminates bad taste from water

The essentials of water treatment in a single filter cartridge.
For standard 10" inch filter holder.

Filter cartridge centring device

Filter cartridge centring device

4,80 €

An essential accessory for filter doors.

These 2 rings make it easy to centre the filter cartridges so that they are properly aligned when reassembled.

Water filter

Water filter

29,90 €

High-quality BPA (bisphenol) free filter housing

Can be used with 1 standard 10" inch cartridge:

  • activated carbon filter (taste + smell + pollutants)
  • sediment filter (retains organic impurities)
  • sediment and activated carbon filter (2-in-1 cartridge)
  • anti-iron filter (eliminates rust - brown colour)

Cartridges visible at the bottom of the page

Double water filter

Double water filter

56,25 €

Removing deposits from water
Bisphenol A free product, made in Europe

  • removes sludge and residues
  • improves taste
  • improves odour
  • better water quality
  • optimises the functioning of anti-limescale devices
  • limits pesticides, heavy metals...

Don't forget to order the appropriate 10" inch cartridges.

Carbon + Sediment Filter Pack

Carbon + Sediment Filter Pack

39,99 € Pack content

A cheap price for your activated carbon and sediment filter cartridges
You can store them and benefit from an advantageous price.

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