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Activated carbon cartridge - GAC

Coconut granule activated carbon

High-efficiency cartridge.
Fits a 10-inch filter holder.

  • improves the smell and taste of water
  • eliminates chlorine and pollutants
  • more effective at adsorbing VOCs
  • ideal as a complement to a block carbon cartridge
  • pre-filtration of sediment to 5 microns

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GAC cartridges

They are filled with granulated activated carbon from high-quality, NSF-certified coconut shells.
Ideal as a supplement to a block activated carbon cartridge.
Carbon from coconuts provides an effective supplement to the filtration of VOC and other pollutants whose larger molecules have not been retained by block carbon.

How this type of cartridge works

Thanks to its improved design, the water flows deep into the cartridge (from bottom to top), so it remains in contact with the filter bed for longer.

The size of the activated carbon grains has been selected to guarantee maximum adsorption efficiencyof pollutants without reducing the flow rate too much.

This is a complementary filter to the block carbon, it will capture more VOCs and certain pollutants that the block carbon would not have been able to retain.

Its action on water:

  • improve the taste and smell of water
  • eliminate chlorine and pollutants
  • eliminate VOCs
  • pre-filtration - 5 μm
  • partially remove mechanical impurities

Flow rate 6 litres/minute
Lifespan up to 1 year depending on water quality (recommended by manufacturer every 6 months)


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