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Anti-limestone purifying filter pack

Pack with additional 1-way tap

Designed for a water flow used by a small dwelling of less than 4 people and 1 bathroom maximum

  • The filter will retain the largest impurities and some pollutants
  • the anti scale will by its electrostatic process prevent the formation of scale
  • The 4-stage filter purifier will purify the water available at the sink

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Pack content

  • 1 x Ecological anti-limestone Suprion JS-12e15
    430,92 € tax incl. 478,80 € 6 Nous ne vendons plus ce produit
    Reduced price!

    Ecological limescale remover suitable for homes with up to 2 bathrooms

    Effective up to 1.8 m³/hour
    Non-galvanic electrostatic process SUPRION "fit and forget"

    A major evolution in water treatment.
    It will prevent the formation of scale through its electrostatic amplification process.

    This product is WRAS certified, recommended and guaranteed by The British Gas (historical gas supplier in England.)

  • 1 x 4 in 1 water purifier
    313,65 € tax incl. 369,00 € 4 In Stock
    Reduced price!

    4 filtration levels in a single cartridge!

    High autonomy cartridge: 7500 litres from 2 to 3 years without replacement!

    Treat yourself to German quality!

    Tap water is often loaded with:

    • chlorine
    • aluminium salts
    • pathogens
    • drug residues
    • pesticides
    • unwanted particles (sand, rust, fibres...)
    • heavy metals
  • 1 x Double water filter
    63,75 € tax incl. 85,00 € 3 In Stock
    Reduced price!

    Double water filter 10" sediment and activated carbon

    Find pure water and impeccable piping.
    Bisphenol A free product, made in Italy

    • removes sludge and residues
    • improves taste
    • improves odour
    • better water quality
    • optimises the functioning of anti-limescale devices
    • limits pesticides, heavy metals...
  • 3 x 5 micron sediment cartridge 10 inches
    4,40 € tax incl. 4 In Stock

    Replacement cartridge for sediment filtration in 5 microns.

  • 3 x 5 micron 10 inch activated carbon cartridge
    8,40 € tax incl. 39 In Stock

    Replacement cartridge for 5 micron activated carbon filtration.

  • 1 x Valve for under-sink filter
    7,80 € tax incl. 35 In Stock

    Valve for under-sink filter.

    Easily connect a water filter under your kitchen sink.

More info


This type of filter is also called pre-filter and its role is essential in the efficiency of water treatment. These filters will retain the coarsest residues such as sand, limestone pieces, filings... which circulate in the public water network.

Indeed, after the water has been largely cleaned by the dispenser, it will travel dozens or even hundreds of kilometres before reaching your tap.

The water during its journey will sometimes be contaminated by deposits that have formed in pipes that are sometimes old and also rusty, pierced, cracked..

Filtre à eau double


It is a 3 in 1 device, its unique process allows to fight against limescale, it will avoid the formation of limescale, descale the existing one and prevent the corrosion of the water pipes on the installation.

  1. It is compact and easy to install
  2. It does not need salt to operate or other chemicals
  3. It does not consume energy
  4. It does not release polluted water into the environment
  5. There is no electrical connection to be provided
  6. It is effective regardless of water hardness
  7. Effective up to 100°
  8. It is ecological

It will prevent the proliferation of bacteria in the water network, it will also improve skin problems and also increase the life span of your household appliances.

Water softener Suprion

Results validated by a 10-year independent test conducted by the English gas company!


Limestone is composed of calcium and magnesium, materials that under certain conditions will crystallize into limestone.

By passing through the static electricity amplifier chamber of the Supriona physico-chemical process will be created.

While water is a good solvent, the elements it contains will seem to remain in suspension and their molecular bonds will become neutral. The limestone molecules will transform into soft, non-adherent macromolecules called aragonite.

This active water will act on the scale or limestone layer embedded in the pipes, water heater, washing machine, dishwasher resistance, etc.....

Schema Suprion

The curative effect is highly effective and fast. It also maintains a protective layer against corrosion and will prevent damage to equipment and pipes


The Purifier Pack provides you with the following benefits:

  • Quadruple protection in a single cartridge
  • Filtration of sediments and the finest particles
  • Activated carbon against pollutants (chlorine, heavy metals, medicines...)
  • Ultrafiltration membrane for blocking microorganisms
  • Removes unpleasant odours
  • Improves the taste of the water.
  • Preserves trace elements and water balance
  • Ecological and economical alternative to bottled water
  • Space-saving and easy to install
  • Benefits from a manual backwashing system
Osmoseur ou purificateur

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