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Automatic self-cleaning filter

Equipped with a pressure reducer and pressure gauge
Countercurrent washing without water shut-off.


  • filtration of solid impurities such as sand, rust, limescale, etc;
  • can be installed on vertical, horizontal or angled pipes
  • 1" and 3/4" universal connector (26/34 and 20/27)
  • system BACKWASH - simple reverse flush operation. Just one valve to open or automate!
  • rinsing water can be drained directly into the sewage system
  • system TWIST & CLEAN - cleaning the filter housing from the inside without having to turn off the water from the system

An upgradeable system
Optional: add the electronic box to automate backwashing

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Automatic washable water filter

Protection of sanitary appliances from impurities.

Thanks to its stainless steel sieve, this filtration will retain impurities, guarantee much better quality water and preserve your sanitary equipment.
It's also a great solution for those who use finer filters (5 micron filtration cartridges, activated carbon, water purification...) to be able to maintain their filtration cartridges much longer and avoid changing them too frequently.

Far too often, limescale is blamed as the source of all the problems in our plumbing system.

Even though mains water is not treated for limescale, it also contains a lot of sand, rust and impurities that simply come from the pipes buried in our network. They sometimes leak because they degrade over time and cannot be changed as regularly as they should.

A deposit called biofilm naturally forms in our water distribution pipes, and some pieces of it may come loose from time to time and invite themselves into your home...

Effective backwash cleaning

This filter features an ingenious backwash system. When activated, the water will flow backwards through the filter and will be able to reject any impurities it may have retained without your home's water supply being shut off.

This rinsing water will simply be connected to the wastewater drain or collected in a bucket if you don't have a drain nearby.

Automatic filter washing is possible!

AS AN OPTION, this filter can also be fitted with a box that will activate the backwash automatically.

So you won't have to worry about it anymore!

The system will become autonomous and maintain optimum water quality in your home without any further intervention on your part.

Overpressure protection for appliances

Thanks to its pressure gauge, checking the correct water pressure in your home is child's play.
It will then be easy to adjust the pressure regulator to fit and protect all the appliances that work with water in the home.

A pressure of 3 bars is sufficient for optimum operation of the plumbing installations in a home.
Above 3 bars, the pressure is considered too high and it is advisable to reduce it.

1 bar= 0.1 MPa - recommended setting 3 bars = 0.3 MPa

What are the consequences of too much pressure?

Premature wear and tear on sanitary appliances

A washing machine, dishwasher or water heater are designed to withstand normal pressures. Their lifespan will be drastically shortened if they are regularly subjected to too much pressure. Replacing or repairing these appliances can quickly prove very costly.

Water leaks at sensitive points

There are now many different technologies used to connect pipes (crimping, welding, compression, etc.). Even if they are designed to withstand pressures well in excess of 3 bar, they can become sensitive, deteriorate significantly and even leak if they are subjected to excessively high pressure too regularly.

Irrrational water wastage

The flow of water is also linked to pressure. Above 3 bars, the constant flow through safety groups, toilet flushes and our taps represents a significant increase in water consumption that will be reflected in the bill!

Difficult temperature adjustment of mixers and mixer taps

Thermostatic taps are designed to operate from


Features of the self-cleaning filter

1 bar = 0.1 MPa - recommended setting 3 bar = 0.3 MPa

  • inlet pressure: 8 bar maximum
  • outlet pressure: adjustment from 2 to 6
  • working pressure: 1.5 bar minimum
  • working temperature: 5 to 30 degrees Celcius
  • connection size: 3/4 and 1 inch - 20/27 or 26/34
  • filtration fineness: 40 microns
  • output water flow: 4m3/hour or 66.7 litres/minute
  • weight: 2.3kg
  • size: 160 x 95 x 360mm
  • connection spacing: 95mm without connectors

The filter can be cleaned for many years without dismantling.
A built-in scraper ensures that the jar and grid are cleaned properly when the self-cleaning function is activated.

If the inside of the filter becomes too dirty, or if it starts to deteriorate after ten years or so, it will need to be completely dismantled. The grids inside are available as spare parts if required.

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Quality products with more finished filtration than the much more expensive competition.
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Satisfied with the product!
The delivery was received promptly. The product was well protected and well packaged. The product conforms to the description and seems robust and of high quality. The only drawback is the mounting bracket, which has no assembly instructions, and I had to adapt it with a key to fix it correctly, otherwise I would never have been able to fix it properly. It's a shame I can't add any photos to help other buyers with this product.

Pouvez vous nous envoyer la photo, en vous connectant vous pouvez accéder à votre messagerie. Merci encore. 

Pack contents and options to choose from

Automatisation pour filtre autonettoyant.

You can add options

You can add options

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Automation for self-cleaning filter

Automation for self-cleaning filter

116,40 €

An essential accessory for its self-cleaning filter.

This electronic unit automatically triggers the backwash, so all you have to do is forget about it...

It is mains-powered and battery-powered.


You can add options

You can add options

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Anti-limestone magnet 10800 gauss Mi Power

Anti-limestone magnet 10800 gauss Mi Power

90,00 €

Recommended for a small home.
Ecological protection against scale.
Much more pleasant water:

  • More foam with your soaps
  • Shampoos that give better results, lighter and shinier
  • Energy savings to heat water.
  • Easy fixing with the supplied clamps.
Magnetic anti-limestone magnet 12800 gauss Max Power

Magnetic anti-limestone magnet 12800 gauss Max Power

149,00 €

Recommended for a house or company...
One of the most powerful devices to install after the water meter to treat the limestone of your whole house:

  • Better efficiency and more foam in soaps
  • More effective shampoos
  • Shinier hair and less dry and light hair
  • Hot water tank with less energy consumption....
  • Easy to attach (BTR screws included.)
Ecological anti-limestone Suprion JS-12e15

Ecological anti-limestone Suprion JS-12e15

383,04 €

Ecological limescale remover suitable for homes with up to 2 bathrooms

Effective up to 1.8 m³/hour
Non-galvanic electrostatic process SUPRION "fit and forget"

A major evolution in water treatment.
It will prevent the formation of scale through its electrostatic amplification process.

This product is WRAS certified, recommended and guaranteed by The British Gas (historical gas supplier in England.)

Salt-free ecological water softener Suprion JS-75e22

Salt-free ecological water softener Suprion JS-75e22

763,80 €

Suitable for homes with 2 or more bathrooms

Effective up to 3.4 m³/hour
A technology for limestone treatment and water rebalancing by electrostatic treatment.

WRAS certified, validated by the National Energy Distributor in the United Kingdom: British Gas - a real guarantee of results

Mounting kit Suprion JS-75e22

Mounting kit Suprion JS-75e22

18,00 €

We have designed this assembly kit for an easier and seamless adaptation to your piping system.

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