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Mi Power magnetic pack with filter and water purifier

This anti-limescale and water purifier kit is designed for a small dwelling.
The water pipe should not exceed 20mm inside for the water flow to be treated correctly.
Less scale formation and healthier water.

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Pack content

  • 1 x Anti-limestone magnet powermag...
    79,40 € 86,40 € 37 In Stock
    66,17 €
    Reduced price!

    Recommended for a small home. 

    Ecological protection against scale.
    Much more pleasant water:

    • More foam with your soaps
    • Shampoos that give better results, lighter and shinier
    • Energy savings to heat water.
    • Easy fixing with the supplied clamps.
  • 1 x 4 in 1 water purifier
    296,82 € 349,20 € 6 In Stock
    247,35 €
    Reduced price!

    4 filtration levels in a single cartridge!

    High autonomy cartridge: 7500 litres from 2 to 3 years without replacement!

    Treat yourself to German quality!

    Tap water is often loaded with:

    • chlorine
    • aluminium salts
    • pathogens
    • drug residues
    • pesticides
    • unwanted particles (sand, rust, fibres...)
    • heavy metals
  • 1 x Double water filter
    55,25 € 85,00 € 1 In Stock
    46,04 €
    Reduced price!

    Double water filter 10" sediment and activated carbon

    Find pure water and impeccable piping.
    Bisphenol A free product, made in Italy

    • removes sludge and residues
    • improves taste
    • improves odour
    • better water quality
    • optimises the functioning of anti-limescale devices
    • limits pesticides, heavy metals...
  • 3 x 5 micron sediment cartridge 10...
    4,40 € 67 In Stock
    3,67 €

    Replacement cartridge for sediment filtration in 5 microns.

  • 3 x 5 micron 10 inch activated...
    8,40 € 50 In Stock
    7,00 €

    Replacement cartridge for 5 micron activated carbon filtration.

  • 1 x Valve for under-sink filter
    7,80 € 44 In Stock
    6,50 €

    Valve for under-sink filter.

    Easily connect a water filter under your kitchen sink.

More info

The filter and the magnetic anti-limescale

Benefit from the full power of the Mi Power 10800 Magnetic Limescale Remover as well as from the filtration with the double water filter which will retain sediments as well as some pollutants such as chlorine, pesticides, heavy metals, pharmaceutical residues.

The magnetic anti-scale does not wear out. Please note that this system is not curative and will have little effect on the scale already formed. For a curative system please choose our Suprion range.

Water purification

The 4 in 1 water purifier will guarantee you perfect water, much better than bottled or mineral water whose packaging can often alter its qualities.

4 stages of filtration:

  • sediment filtration
  • filtration of pollutants with activated carbon
  • filtration of pollutants with KDF
  • 0.1 micron membrane microfiltration

Your tap water will no longer taste of chlorine, the micron filtration capacity and the filter's depolluting materials will guarantee you perfect water free of all pollutants to more than 99%.

The advantage of our water purifier is that it uses microfiltration purification and a combination of products that will not alter the mineral qualities of the water.

The special tap that is supplied is 1 way. This extreme filtration results in a much lower water flow rate that does not allow the use of a conventional tap.

If you do not want to add an extra tap to your sink, please choose the kit with our 3-way tap.

The filter cartridge allows for the filtration of approximately 7500 litres of water, which is equivalent to 2 to 3 years of use.

For more information on these products

  • For a fuller explanation of each item in the kit, please see the product page.
  • During the first few months of use limescale deposits may become loose and lodge in the tap connectors.
  • The 6 cartridges supplied with the double water filter kit provide an average of 3 years filtration.

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