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Mi Power magnetic anti-limescale pack with water filter

The pack will be effective for a water flow rate used for up to 3-4 people and 1 bathroom.
If the water flow rate is higher, you will have to choose another more suitable model from our range.

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Pack content

  • 1 x Anti-limestone magnet powermag...
    79,40 € 86,40 € 38 In Stock
    66,17 €
    Reduced price!

    Recommended for a small home. 

    Ecological protection against scale.
    Much more pleasant water:

    • More foam with your soaps
    • Shampoos that give better results, lighter and shinier
    • Energy savings to heat water.
    • Easy fixing with the supplied clamps.
  • 1 x Double water filter
    55,25 € 85,00 € 1 In Stock
    46,04 €
    Reduced price!

    Double water filter 10" sediment and activated carbon

    Find pure water and impeccable piping.
    Bisphenol A free product, made in Italy

    • removes sludge and residues
    • improves taste
    • improves odour
    • better water quality
    • optimises the functioning of anti-limescale devices
    • limits pesticides, heavy metals...
  • 3 x 5 micron sediment cartridge 10...
    4,40 € 67 In Stock
    3,67 €

    Replacement cartridge for sediment filtration in 5 microns.

  • 3 x 5 micron 10 inch activated...
    8,40 € 50 In Stock
    7,00 €

    Replacement cartridge for 5 micron activated carbon filtration.

More info

Contents of the Mi power 10800 anti-limescale pack

  • You will find a DUPLEX water filter
  • 3 special sediment filter cartridges
  • 3 activated carbon filter cartridges for pollutants
  • Max power 12800 magnetic anti limescale

Efficiency of a Double water filter

Thanks to its filter cartridges, you will retain the deposits that form in the distributor's network (these are the sediments) but also a large part of the pollutants that are not treated by this same distributor.

The pollutants can come from pipe leaks, pipe materials, treatment products, etc.
This will prevent mechanical wear due to abrasion caused by sediments and will ensure good water quality by preventing pesticides, heavy metals, drug residues and other substances from being present in the water in excessive quantities.

The cartridges are changed approximately once a year, depending on the quality of the water you are supplied with and the quantity you use.
The 6 cartridges in the pack will last for about 3 years.

Effectiveness of the anti-limescale kit

The magnetic field will prevent calcium and magnesium from crystallising into limescale and only form aragonite.

After a few weeks you will notice that the deposits formed are more friable and easier to clean. After a few weeks you will notice less deposits which will be easier to clean, a simple white film will remain on the resistors. The thickness of the crystals on the appliances will be thinner than the limescale you know.

Magnetic limescale removers are not curative and have almost no effect on existing limescale, they will not do the cleaning for you either!

In order to observe the effectiveness of your system, it is advisable to clean your installation thoroughly beforehand.

General efficiency

After a few months, if not sooner, the limescale will be less present and cleaning will be quicker. Appliances, coffee makers, kettles, etc. will last longer, and cleaning will be less regular over time.

The water will no longer taste of chlorine, your hair and skin will be more hydrated without feeling dry and your body will be much better off.


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