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Water purifiers

Water purifiers 

Discover our high quality purifiers

BIOPUR habitat offers a range of high quality purifiers to ensure the filtration of tap water. Drinking tap water as it is is not recommended. The purifier filter will clean the water from all harmful components such as chemicals. Our purifiers remove bacteria, chlorine, heavy metals and limescale. They leave you with unpleasant tasting and odourless water, while preserving the minerals and trace elements in the water.

It is important to remember that there is no limescale in water but minerals that allow limescale crystals to form on a substrate.
Removing the minerals removes the limescale but makes the water unsafe to drink.

Since when have mineral waters become harmful to health?
So beware of commercial speeches that do not reflect the truth.

If you have a carafe filter, but are looking for a purifier capable of providing you with several litres of drinking water at home, you are in the right place. On this page, you will find a purifier that suits your needs with up to four levels of filtration in a single cartridge.

Some of our purifier models are also equipped with a backwash system to increase the life of the cartridge. Thanks to the ultra-fine filtration system, you will enjoy healthy water for all your needs at home.

Say goodbye to drug residues and all unwanted particles with our purifying filters, including high quality German models. Their excellent performance makes them an ecological and economical alternative to buying bottled water. With its very attractive price, you can get your 4-in-1 water purifier with or without tap.

water purification filter

Our high-performance filters

Are you looking for a practical way to make your tap water drinkable? Test our under-sink filter,

ideal for filtering out all the harmful elements that get into the water. Easy to install, the under-sink water filter is an effective and aesthetically pleasing alternative to the Berkey, Doulton or Brita style over-sink filter. It provides excellent treatment of kitchen tap water. Depending on the filter models available on the market, the water can pass through an activated carbon cartridge, but this is not always sufficient for maximum purification.

The fineness of the filter elements and a 0.1 micron membrane guarantee an incredible result.

The BIOPUR habitat filter allows you to filter a large quantity of water. You won't need to keep changing filters, as they can provide up to 36 months of filtration. Each filter has state-of-the-art technology that guarantees efficiency and durability. The kit includes a filter cartridge, tap and fittings.

We have provided everything you need for a quick and easy installation. Whether you order it alone or with accessories such as magnetic limescale removers, you will quickly benefit from the free delivery threshold offered by BIOPUR Habitat.

Our practical fittings

Our offer also includes accessories that are essential for the installation of water filtration solutions. You will find fittings designed to facilitate connections to a filter, a reverse osmosis plant or a softener. Indeed, the connections must be tightened without forcing with gaskets.

You can find O-rings on some of our fittings. Depending on the fitting chosen, it is possible to seal it in a standard way. We offer simple fittings for food-grade hoses, but also purifier fittings with an integrated tap. This makes it easy to install an under-sink water filter at home. Whether you need G 1/4 inch (8/13) or G 3/8 inch (12/17) fittings, you will find the best accessories for a reliable installation.

Feel free to add them to your shopping cart to increase the possibility of free delivery.

Our water purifier cartridges

Available at very affordable prices, our water purifier cartridges allow you to enjoy all its benefits. Indeed, it is necessary to change, up to 4 times a year, the cartridge of the water filter in order to guarantee the quality of the filtered water. Thanks to the treatment capacity of our cartridges, you will only have to replace them once every 2 or 3 years (7500 litres capacity)

We have specific cartridges that we have selected for their treatment capacity (activated carbon, sediments...). When in contact with water, the activated carbon filter absorbs all impurities, metals, micro-pollutants, chlorine or limestone. It leaves you with soft, healthy, odourless and better tasting drinking water.

The sediment filter will retain organic impurities but also micro plastics...

Looking for a highly effective replacement cartridge? Try our 4-in-1 cartridges, which provide 4 levels of filtration with a cartridge that can treat more than 7,000 litres of water, perfect for up to 3 years.

Biopur Habitat purified water

Our premium taps

Buy a cheap 3-way mixer tap for a purifying filter or a one-way tap for a reverse osmosis system to ensure the right water flow. With a water purification system, the water flow rate is usually low with a conventional tap. With a German quality one-way tap that comes complete, you will really enjoy the pleasure of having filtered water in your home.

What can we say about our 3-way kitchen faucet, except that it is a concentrate of technology in the service of water purification. Our faucets are designed to meet strict requirements in terms of leak-proof operation, ergonomic operation, 360° swivelling and separation of water channels.

We offer high quality taps without compromising on aesthetics. Made of brushed stainless steel and treated to prevent damage, they have a compact and elegant design. Wondering how it works? Find out how they work and assembly tips on each product sheet.

Accessories for the purifiers

At BiopuR habitat, discover everything you need to filter your tap water. Get perfectly drinkable water by using the best accessories for the installation of a purifier. To avoid splashing and to help save water, you will certainly need a tap aerator. Its swivel version will allow you to turn the nozzle in the desired direction to use your filtered tap water. Apart from simple installation, our aerator is practical and easy to handle.

Dynamisation of your water is also possible thanks to our Dynamiser for purifiers or osmosis systems.

You will also find accessories such as the purifier filter removal key, which is indispensable when it comes to replacing the cartridges, among other things. Thanks to the perfect fit of this object to the filter, screw or unscrew the cartridge with ease. You will appreciate the important role that the steel cable crimped inside plays in facilitating dismantling tasks.

Don't forget our water meter, which is essential for keeping track of the volume of water that has been filtered by your purifier, so you won't forget to change your cartridge and will be able to see when it is time to change it.

Water quality and purity are crucial to good health. If you are looking for economical solutions to enjoy perfectly filtered water, discover the BIOPUR habitat water purifiers offered at unbeatable prices.

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