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Vortex Water Dynamiser for Purifiers and Osmosis Systems

The Whirlator EWY

This device is used to dynamise water by creating a vortex that stirs and accelerates the water's circulation.
It allows the water to be restructured, to regain its original properties and also neutralises the formation of limescale.

A system inspired by the major discoveries of Viktor Schauberger, which has not yet finished surprising us...

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The EWY is the solution for special use in your system.

The water vortex system made entirely of food-grade POM plastic has been specially developed for use in osmosis systems with a PH 5 standard. The EWY is used in hygiene-sensitive areas, before and after ultrafiltration, in coffee and beverage machines.


Excellent protection against limescale and germs, improved solvent power, the quality of the best spring water for individual use!

Extend the life of your household appliances with the Whirlator, without any additional maintenance or energy costs. With the Whirlator, you also optimise the quality of the water that comes back to life.

Technical specifications

  • material: POM/natural (KTW approval)
  • dimensions: diameter 29 mm x length 70 mm
  • max. flow rate: 150 L/h at Delta p = 100kPa (approx. 540 litres at 3.5 bar)
  • connection / size: JohnGuest hose connection 1/4 inch
  • certificates: ISO - 9000 / industry standard
  • field of application: Ultrafiltration, coffee machines, others...

Results that cannot be measured with conventional instruments.

The dynamisation of water, the memory of water, and quantum physics are all overturning the physical laws that were established at the time. Numerous hydraulic engineers and researchers are increasingly highlighting characteristics of water that were unknown to us at the time. All these researchers find themselves in the same position as Thales, Aristotle or Galileo who fought to affirm that the earth was round...

For the time being, it is quite complicated to explain these phenomena without using complex technologies to measure them.
Only confidence in the results observed and the competence of the researchers will encourage us to believe in these new technologies, which over the years have received more and more positive opinions on their effectiveness.
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rating 10
Easy to install
Gives tap water extra purification
rating 8
Easy to assemble
Easy to assemble but difficult to measure ....
rating 10
Easy to install
Placed at the entrance to my purifier
rating 10
Site performant
very good advice and fast shipping, site to be recommended
rating 10
very easy to install, some difficulty in finding the direction of installation, which is not indicated
rating 10
Very good
Very good
rating 10
Missing instructions to determine mounting direction.
rating 10
ease of connection
to be seen in use
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Tube for osmosis - purifier - fridge

Tube for osmosis - purifier - fridge

1,92 €

Hose for osmosis machine - water purifier - refrigerator.
Diameter 6.35 mm - 1/4 " inch.

Sold by the meter.

Reduction fitting for 3/8" to 1/4" tubes

Reduction fitting for 3/8" to 1/4" tubes

4,50 €

This type of fitting allows you to adapt a 3/8" tube to a 1/4" inch tube
3/8" corresponds to 9.52mm with a tolerance of approximately 8 to 10mm.
1/4" corresponds to 6.35mm with a tolerance of approximately 6 to 7mm

1/4" water pressure reducer for osmosis / purification unit

1/4" water pressure reducer for osmosis / purification unit

9,60 €

This regulator protects water purifiers, osmosis units and other appliances.

Some homes don't have a pressure relief valve to protect their pipes, so this accessory is needed to prevent water hammer and excessive pressure in the pipes.

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