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4 in 1 water purifier without tap

4 filtration levels in a single cartridge!
High autonomy cartridge: 7500 litres from 2 to 3 years without replacement!

Treat yourself to German quality!

Tap water is often loaded with:

  • chlorine
  • aluminium salts
  • pathogens
  • drug residues
  • pesticides
  • unwanted particles (sand, rust, fibres...)
  • heavy metals

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4 filtration levels in a single cartridge High-end German

It is thanks to the adoption of advanced three-dimensional composite filtration technology that this water filter was made possible. It is also equipped with backwashing technology that will extend the life of the cartridge. It consists of four fine filtration steps of optimal quality.

Silver plated stainless steel filter - Sediment filter - Activated carbon filter - Polypropylene fiber filter, 0.01 micron ultrafiltration membrane - a quality of components that will guarantee you a high level result.

Microfiltration 0.01 micron

Filtre pour l'eau 4 en 1

The 4 in 1 water filter

The Purifier Pack provides you with the following benefits:

  • Quadruple protection in a single cartridge.
  • Sediment filtration (set of particles suspended in water.)
  • Activated carbon against chlorine, heavy metals, medicines..
  • Microorganisms are blocked by the ultrafiltration membrane
  • No more unpleasant smells
  • Recover the pure taste of your water.
  • Preserves the beneficial minerals and trace elements of water
  • Ecological and economical unlike bottled water
  • Small footprint and easy installation
  • Manual backwashing system


The Water Purifier is supplied in kit form without tap. The installation is quite simple, it can be easily done by a handyman without the need to weld.
Simply unscrew the cold water connection from your tap to connect a T-shaped tap (see accessories in the filters section) that will supply the filter and then the tap of your choice. We offer a 3-way valve that can be placed in place of yours. This type of mixer has the advantage of offering 3 different water supplies (hot water - cold water - filtered water) in a reduced space requirement.

Installation Robinet et Filtre 4 en 1

Our Purifier is easy to install under a sink.

4 in 1 filter operation

Spring water available for everyday use

We offer you the only backwashable filter in the world to date to be completed in the same 4-level filter cartridge. First of all, the water will be treated by a first double filtration which will stop the macromolecules. Then a third filtration with high density activated carbons which will retain the harmfulness of pollutants such as heavy metals, drug residues and pesticides. A 4th filtration step at 0.01 microns thanks to the ultrafiltration membrane will definitively block the way to viruses, bacteria, fungi and others...

In your home, you are guaranteed impeccable water treatment free of viruses, bacteria, pesticides or drug residues.

coupe filtre 4 en 1.jpg

Unlike osmosis, the process does not alter the natural balance of the water and does not lead to over-consumption. Like all our solutions, this water treatment process is reliable, ecological, economical and easy to use


- Hello, I would like information about your 4-level water filtration device. If I understand correctly once the 7500 liters it is necessary to buy a complete device or can we change only the cartridge?
- Dear customer,
the 7500 litres will be used in 2 - 3 years for about 4 people (7 litres per day x 365 days x 3 years = 7665 litres)
. It will be necessary to replace the cartridge at that time, it costs about 180 euros depending on the price variations and shipping costs are free.


- Hello, for the manual backwashing system could we know more about it, it's to do every how long and how long?
Our answer: backwashing can be done once every 2-3 months using 1 litre of rinsing water. To do this, simply reverse the tap on the top of the filter and drain it from below.
It is not mandatory but will extend the life of your filter.
You will feel the need to change it when you feel the taste and smell of chlorine again. (he treats chlorine.)


- I would also like to treat limescale on my water network as well as chlorine but I didn't see anything for chlorine do you do this product?
Thank you very much.
The answer: For limestone you can choose the solution Suprion + purifier for chlorine. At the beginning of your installation you can install a double water filter that will roughen the quality of your water by treating sediments as well as some heavy metals, chlorine etc....

The advantage of the Suprion is that it is very effective throughout your home network, curative and good value for money.

This system will advantageously replace an osmosis plant!

Indeed, the reverse osmosis units, although very efficient, take up much more space, must also be equipped with a drain. They will consume much more filter cartridges and especially water!
Even with a very good osmosis plant, a litre of purified water is 3 litres of water released into the environment, which is not even recommended to be used for plants since it is loaded with all the undesirable elements of the one that has been purified!

For a quality water without constraints we recommend this 4-step filter.


Tests and analyses of the Institute of Biotechnology

Download (1.32M)

Laboratory tests and results

Download (67.4k)

German quality and certification

Download (281.67k)
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rating 10
Space saving and easy to install
Installation possible and a small footprint that allows it to find a small place quite easily.
rating 10
Nickel !
Good purifier easy to install. good material. installed for our home and our cottages in the Gulf of Morbihan. The holidaymakers are delighted!
rating 10
Very good contact, before and after purchase.
The person available to answer all questions about the delivery, well packed.on the product, after one month of use, the water seems to be of very good quality. 10/10
rating 10
Very good
Very good
rating 10
That's a good idea.
No more water bottles to go buy! A real confidence in the filtration of water. Nice quality of the materials used even if I find the connection system perfectible. I plan to buy a second kit for my parents... I can't say better ????
Cheaper must-haves - Create your own pack!

2 metres of hose included

2 connections for purifiers included

Purificateur 4 en 1 Pack sur mesure

No option

No option

0,00 €
Easy cold water connection option

Easy cold water connection option

9,60 € 8,64 €

The essential accessory for your filter.
Easily connect a water filter under your kitchen sink.

Optional valve for osmosis or 1 way purifier

Optional valve for osmosis or 1 way purifier

33,60 € 30,24 €

Special tap for purifier or osmosis plant
Made of lead-free 304 stainless steel - anti-fingerprint treatment.

Optional 3-way mixing valve for water filter

Optional 3-way mixing valve for water filter

90,00 € 81,00 €

Perfect for a water purifier or osmosis system
Brushed stainless steel finish

Easily replace your kitchen faucet and have clean, accessible water in no time at all.

Vortex Water Dynamiser for Purifiers and Osmosis Systems

Vortex Water Dynamiser for Purifiers and Osmosis Systems

69,90 € 62,91 €

The Whirlator EWY

This device is used to dynamise water by creating a vortex that stirs and accelerates the water's circulation.
It allows the water to be restructured, to regain its original properties and also neutralises the formation of limescale.

A system inspired by the major discoveries of Viktor Schauberger, which has not yet finished surprising us...

Water meter for filter or osmosis system

Water meter for filter or osmosis system

49,00 € 44,10 €

Plan to change your filters when needed with our water meter.

This water meter will be very useful to quantify the volume of water that has passed through your filters.
An adjustable alarm warns you when the volume has been reached.

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