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Softener and anti-scale Part 2, co2 softener

Softener and anti-scale Part 2, co2 softener

 We will therefore continue our investigation into the comparative water softeners and anti limescale products. We advise you, if you have not read it, to consult the previous article.

Operation of a carbon dioxide CO2 softener 

CO2 Softener

The CO2 is automatically and continuously injected into the water. On contact with it, it is transformed into carbonic acid. This harmless element (which causes bubbles in soda) transforms limestone into calcium and magnesium bicarbonates. The level of these elements in the water is the same before and after injection. The water and sanitary networks are therefore not scaled. One could compare this action to that of white vinegar, but milder and more preventive.

It's a very common system in aquariums !!! It allows a better management of the Ph of the water and favours the development of the plants in the water.

Co2 softener and consumables

Water consumption unchanged

All the treated water is useful, no millilitre is wasted unlike a salt water softener.

Adoucisseur co2 et santé environnement

No adverse health or environmental effects.

This process is also environmentally friendly as it uses recycled CO2 collected by capture.

Co2 softener

Consumables to be foreseen

It is necessary to count around 200 euros of gas per year and nothing else to foresee except possible technical breakdowns.

Manufacturers of CO2 softeners

Ecobulles, solucalc and diluflow are the main manufacturers currently sharing the CO2 softener market. The techniques used differ in the way the carbon dioxide is injected into the water, with the Diluflow model also being distinguished by its integrated water leak detection.
We will update any new brands that we become aware of.

To equip yourself with a CO2 water softener, it will be necessary to plan a budget equivalent to a salt water softener, i.e. from 1800 to more than 3000 euros depending on the installation and the connection work to be carried out.

Conclusion on Co2 softeners

This is a fairly recent process and it is still difficult to say. Its effectiveness is recognized in aquarium science for its ability to regulate Ph and thus reduce limescale deposits. On the other hand, we know that it will also act on the development and proliferation of algae and plants in the water.

It is a finely tuned device that should absolutely be adjusted by the professional.

  • Compared to a salt water softener, this system seems to us preferable and more ecological.
  • The cost of the investment will also be a hindrance for most households.

The previous subject; study well before starting and the salt softener. Next article on magnetic, electronic, galvanic, catalytic anti-limescale... we promise, we'll do everything we can to clear up this mess !!!

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  • Nany

    Nany 2020-12-14 Reply

    Bonjour, depuis la rédaction de cet article est-ce que l'évaluation reste positive par rapport à l'adoucisseur au sel ? Par ailleurs, est-ce qu'il y a un réel risque de prolifération d'algues dont vous parlez dans votre article ?
  • Pierre Hubert

    Pierre Hubert 2020-03-05 Reply

    Ça n’est pas un adoucisseur car la dureté de l’eau est inchangée
    • Biopur habitat

      Biopur habitat 2020-03-09 Reply

      Le ph de l'eau est modifié et abaissé, l'eau devient plus neutre voir plus douce, il n'y a pas que le th. Même sans changer le ph ou le th une eau peut être plus "douce" quand l'accroche du calcaire est neutralisée.
  • Frédéric Sanchez

    Frédéric Sanchez 2019-01-15 Reply

    Bonjour, ça existe depuis longtemps en aquariophilie !
    Des systèmes de traitement au co2 pour aquarium se trouvent facilement en boutique spécialisée.
    Pour limiter les dépôts calcaire sans modifier la nature de l'eau vous pouvez aussi poser un anti calcaire magnétique !
  • Skippy

    Skippy 2018-11-22 Reply

    Vraiment cool comme principe!
    Je me pose la question de la compatibilité avec l'aquariophilie (a priori c'est compatible mais il faudrait toutefois s'en assurer).

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