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25 watt UV steriliser

Sterilisation by 25 Watt UVC destroys micro-organisms in the water.

This stainless steel system, to be connected to your filtration system, is perfectly suited to borehole water, wells or rainwater tanks.

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Unlike the other techniques used for water treatment (softeners, reverse osmosis, water purifiers, filter carafes or filter cartridge holders), UV sterilisation is a process that provides effective water disinfection.

25 watt UV steriliser

To make water drinkable, this appliance can treat 4.8 GPM or 21.8 litres/minute, i.e. 1.30 m³/hour.
To make water clean, this appliance can treat 6 GPM or 27 litres/minute, i.e. 1.63 m³/hour.

It consists of:

  • a 304 stainless steel tube
  • a quartz (silicon glass tube)
  • 2 silicone seals
  • a 220v ballast;
  • a UV lamp (life of approximately 8,000 hours)


  • length of ballast wire 1.95 metres
  • external diameter of stainless steel tube 64mm
  • stainless steel tube length 520mm

Quartz (also known as silica) is made of silicon glass, a high-quality type of glass composed almost exclusively of pure silica.

How does UV sterilisation work?

In order to neutralise bacteria, microbes, viruses, unicellular algae and other living cells in the water, the water is passed through a treatment chamber where it is irradiated with ultraviolet rays.

Depending on the amount of energy received (measured in micro-Ws/cm2), the micro-organisms will be:

  • Sterilised by a bacteriostatic effect (they continue to live but can no longer reproduce).
  • Destroyed (bactericidal effect).

Be careful, however, to use the right frequency of ultraviolet electromagnetic wave.
Not all UV rays have a sterilising or disinfecting effect:

  • UVc: ozone formation around 185 nm
  • UVc: destruction of micro-organisms between 200 and 280 nm
  • UVb: vitaminisation of food products between 285 and 315 nm
  • UVa: skin pigmentation between 315 and 400 nm

stérilisation UV


To sterilise the water you need a frequency of around 254nm inside the treatment chamber.
This is the shape of the WC that should be used.

UV sterilisation eliminates pathogenic micro-organisms, but this does not always mean that the water is pleasant to drink or use. That's why this process is sometimes combined with a filtration method to improve the taste of the water.

Although UV sterilisation eliminates pathogenic micro-organisms, it has no effect on the taste or turbidity of the water, so it needs to be combined with a filtration method to make it more pleasant to drink and use.


Why choose this technique?


UV sterilisation offers a number of advantages:

  • does not use chemical products
  • no chemical or physical modification of the treated water
  • compact system that takes up little space and is relatively easy to install
  • easy maintenance: simply change the UV lamp about once a year
  • instant bactericidal effect

It is ideal for:

  • sterilise water from local sources (spring, rain, river, well, borehole, etc.)
  • maintain your pool using fewer chemicals
  • a professional who discharges water and wishes to limit its environmental impact
Product features

UV steriliser dismantled

This UV steriliser is supplied with the items shown in the image above.

  1. ballast
  2. TUV 25 W PHILIPS lamp (life approx. 9000 hours)
  3. quartz tube (transparent quartz tube in which the lamp is installed)
  4. stainless steel plugs (x2) + o-rings (x2) 
  5. 304 stainless steel steriliser tube
  6. connection cable for Uvc lamp
  7. brackets (x2)

For information, an ballast is a device used to operate PL lamps, neon tubes and other gas discharge lamps. The ballast creates a voltage spike in order to light the bulb. It also ensures a constant voltage so that the bulb stays lit.

The dimensions.

  • Stainless steel chamber 515 millimetres external length x 65 millimetres external diameter
  • Water pipe connections for 3/4" (20/27) connections
  • Bracket height 87 mm, width 90 mm and depth 15 mm

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Automatic self-cleaning filter

Automatic self-cleaning filter

148,80 €

Equipped with a pressure reducer and pressure gauge
Countercurrent washing without water shut-off.


  • filtration of solid impurities such as sand, rust, limescale, etc;
  • can be installed on vertical, horizontal or angled pipes
  • 1" and 3/4" universal connector (26/34 and 20/27)
  • system BACKWASH - simple reverse flush operation. Just one valve to open or automate!
  • rinsing water can be drained directly into the sewage system
  • system TWIST & CLEAN - cleaning the filter housing from the inside without having to turn off the water from the system

An upgradeable system
Optional: add the electronic box to automate backwashing

Double water filter

Double water filter

56,25 €

Removing deposits from water
Bisphenol A free product, made in Europe

  • removes sludge and residues
  • improves taste
  • improves odour
  • better water quality
  • optimises the functioning of anti-limescale devices
  • limits pesticides, heavy metals...

Don't forget to order the appropriate 10" inch cartridges.

Carbon + Sediment Filter Pack

Carbon + Sediment Filter Pack

39,99 € Pack content

A cheap price for your activated carbon and sediment filter cartridges
You can store them and benefit from an advantageous price.

iron removal cartridge IR 10"

iron removal cartridge IR 10"

17,40 €

Specifically designed to remove iron, manganese and hydrogen sulphide

  • removes rotten egg smell
  • removes brown discolouration from water
  • prevents the formation of rust stains
  • removes iron and manganese compounds from water
  • 5 μm pre-filtration eliminates mechanical impurities
Filter cartridge centring device

Filter cartridge centring device

4,80 €

An essential accessory for filter doors.

These 2 rings make it easy to centre the filter cartridges so that they are properly aligned when reassembled.

Water filter

Water filter

29,90 €

High-quality BPA (bisphenol) free filter housing

Can be used with 1 standard 10" inch cartridge:

  • activated carbon filter (taste + smell + pollutants)
  • sediment filter (retains organic impurities)
  • sediment and activated carbon filter (2-in-1 cartridge)
  • anti-iron filter (eliminates rust - brown colour)

Cartridges visible at the bottom of the page

Mixed cartridge - activated carbon - sediment

Mixed cartridge - activated carbon - sediment

12,90 €

Unique filtration cartridge for the whole house!

Ideal for use with a 1-tank water filter
and those who are short of space.

compact 2-in-1 cartridge:

  • removes sediment down to 5 microns (sand, silt, rust, etc.)
  • eliminates unpleasant odours from water
  • eliminates bad taste from water

The essentials of water treatment in a single filter cartridge.
For standard 10" inch filter holder.

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