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Double water filter

Double water filter 10" sediment and activated carbon

Find pure water and impeccable piping.
Bisphenol A free product, made in Italy

  • removes sludge and residues
  • improves taste
  • improves odour
  • better water quality
  • optimises the functioning of anti-limescale devices
  • limits pesticides, heavy metals...

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Double water filter

Why treat tap water with a double water filter?

The water in our system is one of the best in the world and it is recognized. However, a filter is strongly recommended. However, there are regular maintenance work and technical constraints that allow sludge, residues or other materials to pass through the pipes.

Following certain peaks of pollution or modification of the elements contained in our network, an adapted treatment will be applied but the latency of this action will often allow millions of cubic meters of water to pass through the mesh of the net.

Who has not already felt a taste too "bleached" or has not been repelled by an opaque or muddy colour?

Double water filter - scaling resistance

The sediment filter

If you do not already have a pre-filter, a 5 micron filter cartridge will filter out impurities such as sludge, sediment and others to clarify our water and avoid mechanical degradation of household appliances in our home. It will optimize the operation of water softeners and anti-limestone devices and keep our pipes and taps clean.

It will be perfect to complete an anti-limestone installation or to avoid the clogging of a carbon filter

Water purifier

The activated carbon filter

This fine filtration of 5 microns will in a second step act on harmful elements solubilised in the water.
If you already have a pre-filter, you can equip yourself with 2 activated carbon cartridges.

Activated carbon is a natural detoxifier with a very high absorption capacity, so it can quickly help to purify our body and the water we consume.

Activated charcoal would be able to rid our body of various poisons such as heavy metals, but also pesticides, narcotics, hazardous drugs, food additives or even certain viruses (in minute quantities but present at the exit of our taps!)

Unfortunately we find such products because they cannot all be controlled and eliminated by our plants. They will already trim well and eliminate a large part of those who have been officially targeted for only 60 mandatory! (optional processing beyond...)

Carafe filtrante

What is the difference with a filter jug?

Filter cartridge jugs and tap filters present a major problem that has been highlighted by several consumer service articles: a significant risk of bacterial growth

Indeed, these filters are often in contact with the air when the water no longer circulates inside. The optimal temperature for yeasts and moulds is between 20°C and 37°C, humidity will further promote this development.

If you use filter jugs, sink filters or tap filters, make sure to change your filters very regularly and avoid contact with the skin!

Health water filter

For health and well-being

In conclusion, to maintain clean water pipes in your home, avoid future plumber repairs and enjoy clean water throughout your home, filters are essential.
This filtration will therefore be beneficial in the long term for both your health and that of your home

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Add to your purchase an anti-limestone, it will be the perfect companion for your filter and you will enjoy even more efficiency!


This product is made in Italy and has a very good quality of manufacture:

  • screw thread of the drainers and connections made of metal for a better durability.
  • tank and body made of Bisphenol A (BPA) free plastic materials
  • easy access traps

The dimension of the filter is:

  • 26 cm wide
  • 31 cm high
  • 12 cm deep

It is delivered with :

  • 1 mounting key
  • 1 bracket with fixing screws

The assembly will be done with 3/4 (20/27) male connections

2 solutions for the filter cartridges to be used:

  • 1 sediment + activated carbon cartridge (if you are not already equipped with a sediment pre-filter)
  • 2 activated carbon cartridges (to complete a sediment filtration)

Maximum operating temperature 45°C
Maximum pressure: 7 bar
Ideal pressure: 3 bar

Sealing can be done with Teflon or drinking water sealant/wire.

It is not possible to loosen an assembly made with Teflon to adjust it, whereas this is possible with wire.

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Laurianne D.
Nothing to add
Michel Z.
Good product
Easy to assemble, see for yourself.
Recently installed
Received quickly. I have just installed it, I have no hindsight to judge the effectiveness yet. I'll be back to give my opinion on the subject.
lionel M.
good quality
Not enough hindsight at the moment
Jean Louis L.
Very good
Very good
ineffective carbon filter
Only the anti-sludge filter is sufficient, the carbon filter is really ineffective especially on chlorinated city water compared to the Berkefeld filters I use.

Bonjour, c'est normal, le filtre a charbon laisse passer plus de débit, il n'a pas la fonction de purification d'un filtre sous évier purificateur d'eau.

On ne peut pas comparer 2 appareils différents dont le prix n'est pas non pus du tout le même.(cartouche à 8.5 euros contre 40 minimum !)

Good product
The filtered water now has a neutral taste.
Arnaud F.
Water to drink and breathe
Everyone drinks tap water, no more bottles and no more residues in the humidifiers...
andré s.
drain screw
activated carbon purge screw badly placed

Nous avons modifié et amélioré la qualité des purges avec le nouveau modèle proposé.

nicole s.
water filters
Also very satisfied with these filters
Patrick R.
Easy to set up
I accepted the vases in white, too bad in transparent I could have seen the state of the filters without dismantling them Often work in my sector and the water is sometimes not clear when it puts back the water

Bonjour et merci pour votre commentaire. pour le changement de filtre c'est en général 1 fois par an.
Vous avez eu exceptionnellement une cuve non transparente sur le modèle livré. Comme nous en avions parlé, sans avoir à démonter la cuve, le filtre vous prévient qu'il commence a être obstrué quand on constate une baisse de pression. Il suffit d'avoir un jeu de cartouches d'avance.


Rémy D.
Suzanne L.
Received promptly. Conforms to the description
Nothing to report
Cédric V.
The delivery time is correct, to see in time for the quality of the product.
Good value for money

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