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How to get rid of the limestone !!!

How to get rid of the limestone !!!

Tired of being held hostage by the limestone!

Hello everyone, I came to talk to you about this problem that we all know and that worries us on a regular basis..,

the nominee is: limestone!

It clings and sticks to our pots and pans, our taps and of course once we've spent some time getting rid of it it comes back.

When we don't see him, he will from time to time remind us of him by "toasting" our coffee machines, our washing machines and filling up our expensive water heater, which in addition to over-consuming energy, will see its longevity halved.

Should we get rid of the limestone?

As far as health is concerned, let's be clear, calcium and magnesium in water won't bring you any more than milk, all that's bullshit from our dear lobby to sell their junk (article on bioavailability to follow soon). Calcium and other minerals, vitamins ... assimilable in quantity are found primarily in our diet. so whether there is or not, it will not affect health.

Tartar and limestone

The most annoying problems are more

  • Limescale deposits on the resistors of our household appliances. These resistors will then have to use more energy to do the job they are asked to do: heating. And yes, this mantle of limescale will prevent the normal diffusion of energy...
  • Higher current consumption due to poor heat dissipation
  • Damage to household appliances that will heat up more for nothing.
  • The clogging of our taps and the "foamers" that mix water with air and optimize the water flow will lose efficiency.
  • The cost and harmfulness of anti-limescale products that will help us to get rid of the white marks that it will leave everywhere.
  • Skin and scalp irritation is caused by scale that clings to the skin.

It is therefore above all a question of comfort and savings, we can live with it but if we calculate correctly,
the expense of getting rid of the limestone is not superfluous.

Let's go back to a very controversial part, the contribution of water minerals to the body and bioavailability:

  1. The quantities of essential minerals dissolved in water, such as calcium, magnesium and potassium, are in fact very small - the role it plays in the supply of minerals to the body is minor.
  2. The World Health Organization (WHO) explains that it is of little relevance to mineral water producers who claim that their products would be "beneficial to health" because of their mineral content. In its "Guidelines for Drinking Water Quality", the WHO points out that "In Europe and some other countries, many consumers believe that natural mineral waters have medicinal properties, but to date, these beneficial effects of drinking mineral waters have never been scientifically demonstrated".
  3. The simple table below will help you understand how poor and insufficient these essential mineral intakes are for our daily needs.

biodisponibilité des minéraux dans l'eau

By reading these figures you will have quickly understood that it is not possible to drink about thirty bottles of water a day, already I wish you to find a good wheelbarrow, to have room to store all this at your work, not to be afraid of other people's eyes and to have toilets not far away !!!!

To stop joking, it is advisable to drink 1.5 to 2 liters a day, beyond that it would be very bad for your kidneys which would work in excess.

Removing limescale is good for the health of our house.

In conclusion you will have understood it, if you want to consume less electrical energy, less chemical descaling products, if you want the pipes of your house and your household appliances to become 100 years old, then yes you need a scale remover.

A positive point for our well-being, water with less limescale incrusting, is a skin and hair less stressed and softer, for those who are sensitive to it ... no more itching.

Maison en bonne santé

For those of you who know me, you already know that I'm very attached to nature, that's why I advise people who would like to do so to turn to devices that respect the environment.

Whatever brands are available on the market you can find salt-free antiscalants. More and more manufacturers have understood that this is inevitable and moreover it is also effective contrary to many preconceived ideas on the subject.

There are inexpensive anti-limescale solutions up to slightly more expensive water treatment plants that will bring you the quality of pure water and more maintenance for the whole house.

In the manuals of many manufacturers, for salt softeners it is advisable to separate kitchen water from the treated network. Over-consumption of water discharged and salted in the nature is not durably desirable. It is neither good for the environment nor to respect the water which is becoming more and more difficult and expensive to drink.

I will soon devote 2 articles to the different water treatment systems.

  • the first will be devoted to the softening and inhibition of limescale in water
  • the second how to filter water efficiently

I hope you have benefited from this reading and I thank you for taking the time to read to me.

You liked this article ! Feel free to love and share.

Posted on 2016-11-04 by Fred Drinking water supply 2 12240


  • Martine Praneuf

    Martine Praneuf 2018-08-26 Reply

    Je voudrais savoir combien d'anti calcaire aimant il me faut et où les placer dans un Mobil home ?
    • Biopur habitat

      Biopur habitat 2018-09-06 Reply

      Bonjour, le modèle 10800 gauss est un bon choix. A placer sur l'arrivée d'eau principale.
      Il est conseillé de rajouter un filtre pour éviter les impuretés du réseau et de détériorer vos appareils ménagers (boues,sable, particules...). Le filtre double cuve est économique et jouera en plus le rôle d'une carafe filtrante.

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